Sunday 28th October 2007 “Your Journey”

Dear Friends,

Yes, I have typed a very catchy topic here but I don’t quite have much to say on it because every individual has their own journey, their own way and guided by their own set of do’s, dont’s, past’s, risks and uncertainties.

This Sunday a very good friend of mine, Nyambura Gichuki was giving the sermon, representing the interns at ICC. Her sermon was more or less her testimony and I don’t really do those so, as usual, I will do my best to paint the general picture. I hope you will all bear with me.

Just because you are in steers does not mean you are a steak

Just because you are in chicken in does not make you a chicken

Just because you are in Church does not make you a Christian

These where the words the words that touched me most, I have been thinking about them and will do so for a long time. Imagine the number of you, me dear friends who come to church to each and every Sunday and till today have not know the purpose of Church. Not known the purpose why Christ suffered and died on the cross, sinless but still shed His blood!!!

I will come back to that part later. Friends do you ever sit back and look at your life as a complete waste, a mess, a total failure, do you sometimes look at you failures and let them run your life?

Friends I would kindly request you to take a good look at you life and who runs it, it it your peers or your ego or Christ the Lord? Think about it…


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