By The Grace Of God

It has been ages since I penned down content for this page. Through the years, I have noticed that this avenue was a very helpful way for me and many others to remember what was taught in the services and how the things we live for intertwine with our day-to-day lives.

It was not until yesterday that I decided to revive this page and do my best to keep it on the float with all that I have. I was watching a YouTube video of a demon manifestation and casting on and what it said before it was cast away is what drove me back to this path.

The video reminded me of what had been talked about during Ministry Sunday, I think 3 weeks ago. The event that stands out in my mind is when the guys of the high school ministry went to a school and had to free a girl possessed by an evil spirit.

“The spirits are real and they are among us. We are in a spiritual warfare when we become Christians.” She said, “Will you just be seated there, or will you choose to join in the battle and be a part of the team?” to loosely paraphrase here in reference to joining a ministry or connect group.

In the video the demon speaks of the various ways, that they have dimmed the light of the people God has chosen. The avenues they use to pull away Christians and what has been used to stop them from doing their work. Some of them include:

Through corrupting their morals

This is the easiest way to kill the light within you. Once you start questioning yourself as a Christian, then everything else can easily be thrown out of proportion. How many times have you been in prayer and the thoughts of a sin you committed start playing in your head? You get where I’m going with this. There is no greater sin, sin is sin. Ask for forgiveness and you will be redeemed.

Pains and affliction

Whenever one falls n to the pit of loath and self-pity everything else on earth becomes distasteful and negative. The more negative you tend to be the angrier you become of yourself and of God. At this point, you lose the belief that things will be ok and you start to build the thought of what will never go right. Where is faith in this point of your life?

Bestowing power upon them thus pride follows

This is where I got caught up at. As soon as this blog begun getting readership and impact, I got ‘busy’. Still in university at that time, I ended up getting a radio show to run, a ministry to assist running, an internship that pays, new events to attend and review, etc. before I knew it, I hardly had time to even attend the services that I was supposed to be writing about. I became an influencer and pride took over.

 Other demons

There are numerous types of demons that are roaming and trying to influence us away from the light. From Anger, lust, laziness, lies… It is up to us to constantly be in touch with the source of the light in order to overcome these.

How are the influences expressed?

The demon mentioned the media, the friends we keep, the internet and dreams as some of the channels of influence.

How to conquer this?

Being in communion with the father and allowing for the Holy spirit to reign over your life is the easiest way to be above the influence of darkness, for the light does not mix with the dark. There is power in the name of Jesus.

Take an assessment of your life and make a mental note of how you want to conquer the chains that are holding you down. It is very possible to be free and free indeed.


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