It is my prayer and hope that you are well today. This coming Sunday we launch the ICC 40 Days of Community Campaign, which we are excited about as trust God to do great things through it at ICC. We need to marinate this campaign in prayer because it’s not by our power or might that this Campaign will succeed but by the move of the Holy Spirit. Therefore we need you, as one of our key ministry partners, to join us in prayer and supplication for this campaign.    Thus, we are appealing to you to participate by first praying for the campaign by being part of our prayer chain which will be receiving a weekly prayer focus list that you will share with your ministry/C2 members and pray earnestly for the Campaign. ( ICC office)

Last Sunday was a blast as we sat in groups getting to know each other. This was a first in the church and it is so interesting to know that for the next many Sundays, like 6, this is the groups we will be dealing with. I so love this setting..!!!!!


2 thoughts on “40 DAYS OF COMMUNITY

  1. Thomas says:

    When was this posted? i heard smthing abt a similar programme this year…smbody feel me in.thanx

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