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Do you have a burning Question/Comment you want to make? Post it here, there will always be someone who has been through the same problem or situation as you to help you out. You need not ID yourself, just post the message and the next time you check, you will find an answer.

God Bless you all.

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27 thoughts on “Questions/Comments

  1. Felix says:

    Watu wa mungu it is always a priviledge to read your comments and questions all I can say is that God loves you and we love you as I.C.C we are who we are because of you withou you there is no Fronrunnerz.God bless you and see you on Sunday.

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi, I started attending your services in March this year. Avn’t made any friends or participated in any activity coz I just feel out of place . How can I get started ?

  3. robert muthuri says:

    Sup pasi,iv jus read the last update for sunday’s message n i came across the beatitudes n i cant make out what the first one implies,would you please care to explain,thank you n God bless!

  4. Brian says:

    i love this blog. tis gorgeous superb magnifico fantabulous etc

  5. moskode says:

    ok…were still getting there eh??

  6. interfederation says:

    love ur blog!

  7. Muthoni says:

    Hi Pastor Tony,

    I was going thro Kathukya’s blog (Never Be Afraid To Fail) dated October 9th where he refers to ‘your’ story, but doesnt tell it,indicating that you are best placed to tell the story. Could you kindly tell it….

    Although I dont attend your church, I admire your continual passion for the youth through the years.

    God bless you!

  8. moskode says:

    Oh, by the way, Paulette…. you will never be ready to talk to anyone… i am also an introvert…. just pick a time to share with anyone, not just Pasi.. there are others that you see on stage that can be an encouragement to you!!

    bAraKA tELee!

  9. moskode says:

    hey!! guys are really blogging… ala? am jazzd!

  10. Paulette says:

    That was a great message,very true and challenging indeed….I wish it can reach as many people as possible because the message carries alot of weight and keeps one in deep thought….
    Be blessed

  11. Paulette says:

    Hey pst Tony,
    I have been coming to ICC since late last year and i listen to you every sunday.I can’t just tell you how blessed and lifted and nourished my soul is everytime u preach to us.I feel so touched and encouraged esp when u mention your past experiences and life and the way you have seen God in your life…I see God in you actually and i believe that miracles do happen.
    I always plan to approach and talk to u but keep postponing because am not sure if am ready yet-just to share my life since am a very closed person and i have bottled everything i have been goin through…..I trust the Lord will do something….I believe God is using you to touch and reach out for the lives of very many young people…May he keep you and continue giving you strength and the passion to serve the youth…..Sure,its a calling!!!

  12. deno says:

    hi pasi
    you are a great pastor
    every sunday that i come to church i leave built, encouraged
    but i have a question
    i think most of us in church are not aware that its not just enough to live a holy life
    but we should be sharing about Jesus
    to and with our friends at every opportunity
    that way we’ll not only be healthy but well also be fruitful.
    i try to challenge at least 3 people every week to receive Christ in campus
    i’d love it if all of us front runners did likewise.
    then the great commission would be a done deal.

    thanks pastor tony


  13. moskode says:

    nonstop praise and worship will be patwad in heaven Jaydi… lakini on to serious matters… kuaja FNL every 2nd fri of the month from 6-8pm abd tue praerz every tue 6-8pm…. mambo makubwa… i know u know these things madamme au sio!

    stay pure mafans

  14. Kathukya says:

    I have finally read and kamilishad that article… its deep and clearly realistic, especially if you are beyond 20’s and single. There is bila an excuse at all. I think its time we all turned to God, God has the answers to all our prayers. Yes we should seek but who should we seek trusting in? Ourselves? No! I dont think so. Its time to put all our trust in God.

  15. Sue-Abby says:

    JAYDI,gal that article is tight why lie thank you for sharing it with us guyz i know peeps out there have been blessed thorougly and it was timely!When it comes to dating or courtship everyone seems to have their own school of thougt and want to do it their own way yet they never get what their looking for because they have no idea in the first place what they want.Y’all i have mob love for you and i dont want to see any of you getiing hurt, God loves you even more and imagine how much more He doesnt want you to get hurt.Just do it God,s way coz its the best way.Sasa Jayd endelea kusambaza hizo ma article ndio macho ziendele kufunguka.God Bless y,all sana.

  16. Me.., says:

    Hi Tony,
    Am sorta new to ICC and am loving it!Been looking for a place to settle while away from home and I did find it in ICC esp Frontrunnerz! For this site and the great minds behind it,God awabless tu sana nad for Pasi,let God use you each day wholly and for His own purpose,

  17. JAYDI says:

    A Serious Conversation for Singles

    Lee Wilson
    There comes a time in life when we need to remove the sugar coating and taste the real bitterness of the pill on our tongues.
    Many of us have learned that we can fool others and even ourselves by wording things in just the right way or repeating a contrived philosophy until we’ve heard it so many times that we accept it as “gospel” truth. One of those sugary pills concerns the modern view of marriage versus what the Bible teaches.
    Today’s view of marriage says that it is something that should be delayed and put off until certain things occur in life such as a college degree, great job, a certain age, certain experiences, etc. The message most young singles take from that is that those other things are more important than a marriage commitment and that such a commitment could not survive less-than-ideal conditions.
    And we’re seeing the results of that materialistic philosophy. I’m sorry to say that it has become an unusual occurrence for two virgins to marry each other now days. As the average age for marriage continues to creep higher and higher, the virginity rate among singles falls lower and lower.
    Why is that the case? I’ll tell you just as I told my sister-in-law: “You can’t fight God.” What I mean by that is that God gave human beings a powerful sexual drive. Unlike animals, humans not only were designed to have sex for procreation, but also to enjoy as intimacy, affection and openness with each other. All of that was God’s idea, not Hollywood ‘s. And the drive is so strong that the longer it is put off or delayed, the more difficult it is to control because that God-given need for intimacy, expression and vulnerability grows inside of us. Marriage is supposed to be an environment and an understanding with another person that allows for sexual needs to be fulfilled. That’s why we see so much sexual confusion in single land.
    But what about the “gift” of singleness. Doesn’t the Bible tell us that being single is a gift?
    No, it does not. I’m sorry to say that because many of you have heard that said so many times that you accept it as “gospel” truth, but the Bible never calls singleness a gift. Instead, if you read 1 Corinthians 7 which is the passage people use so often to claim singlehood is a gift, you’ll see that the actual gift part is to be able to tolerate being single, not being single itself. The gift part is said to be had by those who don’t need sexual fulfillment.
    I don’t believe I even know a single person with that gift. The least I can say is that it is a very rare gift for a human being to have simply because God did not make us to be loners. He made us to desire union with the opposite sex from the very beginning. We’re even told in 1 Timothy 4:3 that one of the signs of the end times is that people would “forbid marriage.” Sounds a bit scary if you ask me, considering how many are abandoning the idea of marriage for lives of casual sex and single-parent households.
    So maybe we should ask ourselves one single question. Do we agree with what the Holy Spirit said through Paul? That it is better to marry than to “burn with passion”?

    I realize that many who might be reading this article want to get married, but have yet to find a partner. Many are in that situation because they were encouraged to postpone marriage by their parents or even church leaders. Now they find themselves in a wasteland, where suddenly their career consumes so much of them that they don’t know how they’ll meet single Christians who might be husband or wife material.
    I’m convinced that if we taught teenagers and early twenty-somethings that they should determine their own sex drive and decide if they are “gifted” to tolerate a life without marriage, we’d see the virginity rate among unmarrieds skyrocket and once again men and women would give each other their virginity instead of adding another partner to the list and causing feelings of regret and pain. After all, It’s not something that has to be considered very long. It’s a simple question, in fact. “Do you want to live a life of celibacy or not?”

    If you answer “no” then you are you just like Adam and Eve and do not have the gift of being permanently single. And once teenagers or twenty-somethings decide that they are not cut out for sex-free lives, they should discuss with their parents or mentors what age they would like to start seeking a spouse. That way, they have a time frame so that they don’t feel that it is an indefinite wait. With a time frame in mind, they will likely be more successful at saving themselves for then.
    Does this sound very old-fashioned to you? Well, I suppose Paul’s idea of “marrying rather than burning with passion” might be considered old-fashioned to some. But it sounds very logical to me and seems to take sexual purity much more seriously than the “wait and see” method.
    And if we are able to again create a culture that takes saving themselves for marriage seriously, then they will purposefully seek each other. They will ask perhaps even before the first date if the other person plans on getting married in the next few years.
    So rather than sugar-coating single life as a “gift” that should be enjoyed, perhaps we should start determining if we even have the “gift” to tolerate that life. If we don’t, let’s take the sugar off the pill and get serious about finding a compatible partner with whom we can share our mind, body and soul in service to God.
    Remember that you aren’t looking for a so-called “soul mate” or a carbon copy of yourself. You are looking for someone who loves God, loves you and has similar life goals. God is a wise creator and has made us to be compatible with more than one person. So don’t go looking for a Hollywood fantasy.
    If you want to find a spouse, start by asking God. Then go to your minister or pastor and ask him if your church would consider joining with other churches to do as many in the Jewish faith do???have social events so that singles can mingle and get to know each other.
    The Church used to do the same thing but, sadly, has stopped. I hope to see a revival of this. Also, find Christian singles in your area by using web sites designed to bring Christian singles together. The bottom line is, if you wait for it to come to you, you’ll likely not find it. Remember, the Bible also says, “seek and you shall find” (Matthew 7:7).
    It’s time we started taking these things seriously.

  18. jevance says:

    Niaje Tony? I think that it would be wise to advise us, what can a born again youth do for fun? assuming you are alone in the house on an afternoon! what do you do?

  19. Valdie says:

    Hi tired

    Myself I hv been there too, a place where i know God has plans for me bt nothing surfaces, u pray, lead a holy life, do all there is to do to guard your salvation in fear and in trembling but nothing comes forth about your passions and desires about your visions in God, in such times I have continually hanges on to God for He is faithful, no matter what my circumstance says, it is my hope in Him that Him (God) who promised is also able to give for He is not a man that he should lie, neither son of a man the He should repent.

    Such times keep me strong, clingin to nothing other than the hope that Him who created the ear, hears, Him who created the eys sees, and Him who created my mouth speaks, Psalms:94:6ff as sure as he gives life to my being, He will answer you one day, someone once said that .. Sometimes God locks both the windows and the doors because there maybe a storm outside you know .. and He loves you ….

    Hanging there, He is just as faithful as the sun that rises everyday. Do not give in.

  20. JAYDI says:

    Dear Passi,
    I thank God for honouring us with you.
    Now passi i know i have asked this before but when are we having our NON STOP praise and worship?
    seriously some of us want it like yesterday? any logistics going on?and is there anything we can do to harakisha it?pls ….before elections.


  21. JAYDI says:

    Can we say AMEN together… you know what?
    it is darkest just before dawn.shikilia hapo hapo and make sure you network yako na Holy Spirit isilost.Charge yourself in praying constantly, Top up chapchap with the word kila mara,sambaza the word to your friends to pray and stand with you,and guess what……UTACHAKAZAAAAAAAAAAA.


  22. moskode says:

    tired, i think you are on the right track, when things are looking thick all the tme then that means that there is something you are doing right. vould it be that the devil is trying to discourage you in all you do?

    i was there once, to a point that i was coming ot church because ppl come to church on sundays, other than that posing with my pals was a lonely moment becoz i couldnt identify with any of the fun they were having “in Christ”. my faith was shaken seriously.

    realising that there is no other way to survive other than looking to God Daily and asking him for strength and direction, u see the Bible says in Ps 23 “yea though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death”…which means that there sill be moments when you are int he valley, and in life there are different kinds of valleys, some are bigger than others.

    the Bible also says in 1 Cor 10:13 “no temptation has come to you that is not common to man”… in paraphrase, nothing happens to you now that has never happened to anyone before. and if 6.2 billion pple are still bein cared for by God then i am important to him

    keep looking to him and listen to him, nomata what i want, God wants better for me.

    Have a happy season !!

    Uncle Moskode

  23. Hi Betty, thank you for asking this important question and more so the fact that you need to know your statues.
    About confidentiality, yes the staff are higly trainned on that issue. and they have a truck record of about four years.
    Here is the e-mail add for the admin person for Zinduka

  24. tired says:

    what do you do when you feel you aren’t good enough, and is a christian who knows all about being fulfilled in christ and what he promises? when you fail at virtually everything you do and have tried thinking positive and trying again but still fail? when your confidence has been shattered coz of how u were brought up and frankly you are tired of trying anymore coz it seems God’s plan seems to always be different from yours even when its something you think he would approve of? i’m not saying God hasn’t done anything, he has done alot., but does it end there?, yet everyday i am faced by things i can’t handle on my own but yet when i approach him in prayer, i never seem to get what i want?

  25. Jona says:

    This issue has been fowarded to the Zinduka director, Mrs. Trizzer Mungai, through the Youth Co-ordinator so that she can give a concrete answer. Thank you for the query.

  26. Michael Kala says:

    I know I am not qualified to answer this question.

    However, but as one of the people who have used the Zinduka VCT, my perception is such that I can confidently say that the staff are trained and experienced VCT counsellors and that yes, the test results, whether positive or negative, are kept completely discreet.

    But I am sure this question can be best answered by Mrs Trizzer Mungai, the Zinduka Africa Director.


  27. Betty says:

    Hi Pastor Tony

    I have been coming to ICC for quite some time now and I especially enjoy your sermons. I would just like to ask if the Zinduka VCT is free and if someone tests positive, is the staff discreet about the results? Thanks.



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