lets Open Up

There are lots of things that take place in our lives that we amua to keep them under the world coz of their ugly faces. But then if one opens up and says that my problem ni this or this,some other jama will end up benefiting. Open up pliz.


I like this, peepz getting open about the troubles in thier relations, keep it up, by the way keeping stuff inside will cause you all more harm. Feel free to discuss your relationship issues and anything else that is causing you go bonkus inside on this page. Please try to be polite and bila insults coz this is a Christ blest blog.



34 thoughts on “lets Open Up

  1. mahebo says:

    I was seated the other day watching the magic boxes that apparently bring small people who can sing and talk to themselves. One of the ‘gospel’ music started playing and I turned down the volume as the music sounded more like noise than music. When it was coming to a close I looked up the screen and that’s when I noticed that the show was a gospel music show.
    Is this what the gospel music industry has turned to? A money making machine.
    I’m not ati an old folks. I’m still in my early twenties and apparently the music I’m seeing being released in the industry is a total flank .I can not compare these music to the likes of akina Neema and the kind of blessed music they wrote.
    Is Christianity down to just hype and noise or is it about the message being conveyed?
    What happened in TSO (totally Sold Out)?

  2. ROY -BC says:

    Being in Bible Challenge has been awesome to me.Now i can read the Bible several times a week.One thing that i want to share with you is…
    ACTS 5;32 has the answer.
    GOD loves you the way you are. surrender your life to HIM.

    Come every 2nd friday of the month 4 FNL and feel THE HOLY SPIRIT.

  3. jaydi says:

    Hi People!

    huh! just peeped and couldnt stop peeping.

    am now here to stay


  4. moskode says:

    amilo, theres no other way… just tell him…. u know?? sit and talk… do that famous 5-word thing that guys hate “baby we need to talk” and youre done!!

    mahebo….. got anything on your heart that you’d like to share?? whatever happened to babie?? was she scared away??

  5. Kathukya says:

    Dear Amilo the bible in 2Corinthians 14 – 18 says…

    Do Not Be Yoked With Unbelievers

    14Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 15What harmony is there between Christ and Belial(Devil)? What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? 16What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.”
    17″Therefore come out from them
    and be separate, says the Lord.
    Touch no unclean thing,
    and I will receive you.”
    18″I will be a Father to you,
    and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”

    With This info, the ball is squarely on your court, God has clearly told you who he wants you to hang out with and who He does not want you to hang out with. In my opinion, there is no easy way out… Tell the guy to change his ways or to shoot.

  6. amilo says:

    hi guys,
    i wanted to ask, how does a girl tell a guy that she can’t be his girlfriend especially since he’s not born again? i’ve tried all the ways i know but he just takes a break then tries again when he thinks i’ll agree to go out with him. He’s a nice guy for a friend.

  7. jt says:

    hey babz.personaly i get u bt ts nt alwyz bin a prblm..i knw y am alwyz horny..watchn erotic mvz,rdn porn,n prbly goin out wt guys who dnt help m!wen i realizd twz a prblm it wz prbly 2 late bt i blv God stil lvz m n tho m sin b z red z crimsn,he’l mek m whte as sno.u hv2reach tht pt o 1st aknwldn ur shida&letn go o al ur struglz.God z faithful.plus spend tym wt God,in church,@ hm…i kn i fel in2 sin cuz i stpd rdn the word.dnt d th same!baraka!

  8. mahebo says:

    hey Babs
    there is always a reason why some stuff take place, and most stuff a other related. its so nice to know that the gift reached you but sasa you have to ask yourself why the hornyness always. is it that you are watching too much of some ponographic programes or is it that you have a dude who does explore the website or is it that you are so idle or is it that…. All im trying to say is that there is a reason why you feel this way. I can request you to sit down and look at the reason behind your hornyness. try as much as posible not to be idle enough to reach the transsition period and PRAY. deam the hornyess unessesary and kill its effects for the time. i know it

  9. Kathukya says:

    My dear Barbra

    Pray about your feelings, invite the Holy Spirit into your heart every time you feel horny. Yes, hornyness, if I may call it, is a natural phenomenon, we all feel horny. barbra if you could read into some peoples private lives, you would find yourself much less horny but they practice control. God has given us the element of self control and the Holy Spirit to Help us when we cannot help ourselves.

    Pray and the Lord will find you a way out all the time.


    Is one night of stolen pleasure worth a lifetime of regret?

    Sex is the most intimate and tender physical expression of emotional and spiritual love that can be achieved by a man and a woman.

    Do you want to miss the true joy of sex by throwing it away on someone who is using you to satisfy his or her own selfish desire?

    Many people have made decisions about sex that they have regretted for the rest of their lives. God is giving us the opportunity to save ourselves from all that pain!

    Will you make up your mind today, once and for all, to save yourself for marriage and experience the joy of sex just as God intended?

  10. Barbra says:

    im always feeling horny. what can i do to stop or avoid it? please help im desperate and its affecting my spiritual life.

  11. mahebo says:

    thanks for the commenting above. sasa i want us to go a bit to a higher level. The current situation of sexuall temptation and falling into sexuall sin is becoming so rampant and we assuming as though its not there. there are people who need help. so offer what u have , from ur experience to advice.

  12. moskode says:


    so tusemeee, you also want to eat breakfast witht he gals? well, heres the thing, its easier to just pose with guys, we are the simples ppl on the planet…. this whole wake up at 7am thing for breakfast in a sato is absuird!! just give up….. hahahaha, anyway heres the thing. the HENS breakfast is always announced in FR service… ama you usually come during the sermon? tee hee!! the other thing is that it the lady leaders that come…

    but theb again, who am i to know? i am a guy!!

    enjoy your day… anyone with a word on ma pointers in my previous post?

  13. Njeri says:

    hi babie
    am new to this blog thing and ave just read some of what has going on or rather what you lovely people are talking abt, and one of my areas of interest is the “dressing Issue” Dear you dont have to wear just t-shirts to church, you can look for nyc skirts and tops for church, c’mon its church guys, we ave to look good coming to celebrate what God has done for us, i might be abit old fashioned but i still believe chics should be in Decent attire these include skirts and nyc dresses that we would not be embarrassed to go c cucu in also nyc trousers that fit this category so my dear if you need help to go buy stuff for kanisa ad be glad to give you tips.

  14. Njeri says:

    i have had this issuse for a while and have no idea how to or rather who to address it to, HENS?
    who is it for exactly? the 17 people who are sent sms’ and invites only?
    are the lady leaders involved in it or rather what is thea involvement in this or is it just a friends zone?
    i am rather dissappointed as thea are so many chiques who need help and it sad that the thea is NO place to go.
    who should address this?

  15. moskode says:

    okay then Aina… thanks for ur comment, waiting to read u, Babie am sure kathukya didnt mean to say that u are skimpily dressed (i hope) but u got wisdom are you in a CG? … i got other ones….

    1. wasee flani come and sit in the tent outside during 1st service yet there is space in the yelow tent…. eeeh why?

    2. u come to kanisa and there is maombi going on infront lakini you have no care that pasi may be preaching or wasee wa worship are doing thir thing… you chapa storos in the back or pick up a fone call or even spent up to 15min sendin texts…. fill me in?

    3. every sunday we have to use the bulletin to get along with the songs… why? dont we take them home to chop words za songs?

    4. does anyone know how to chora (architecture) to design a stage for our tent … i am sure we can give a special “stage offering” (hapo nimejijazz)

    by the way… mafans am sure kathukya meant to andia fork and knife…LOL!!

    hakuna mwingine

  16. Aina says:

    Hi, this is a brilliant idea and so i won’t say that anyone should first air their dirty laundry first coz i really believe in being an example-being the change i want to see- its not easy ofcourse to talk about what your going thru. It’s actually good for u.Its like therapy and if u don’t talk about the issues ur going thru u will mess up urself even more. U’ll infact need to pay loads of cash to go see a therapist in the future. Anyway i don’t have much tym but i will definetely be back with the stories of my life.

  17. Kathukya says:

    Hmmmm, Babie
    That change of dress code, that was the brightest idea yet!!! the fact that you realized that the problem was not with the men in your surounding was a great idea. Being a man, I know very very well that I will not close my eyes every time a ‘skimply dressed’ lady passes by.
    Have you ever taught a dog to eat with a folk and a knife? I will assume not and if not its just as hard as telling a man not to look at you when you show all you have.


  18. Babie says:

    Hey guys sorry for the silence but am back… thank moskode and Rev. for all the encouragement. Guys have started being nice and respecting also.

    I realised the main issue was my dressing, guys who staring/looking below my throat but now I wear t-shirts to church.

    I have a light note below pls enjoy.

    The helpful employee:
    The young man entered the Ice Cream Palace and asked, “What kinds of ice cream do you have?”

    “Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,” the girl wheezed as she spoke, patted her chest and seemed unable to continue.

    “Do you have laryngitis?” the young man asked sympathetically.

    “Nope,” she whispered, “just vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.”

  19. Kathukya says:

    The reason, that our feelings give us so much trouble is that they became distorted when mankind rebelled against God. The Bible teaches that the original human beings, Adam and Eve, chose to disobey God in the Garden of Eden. This rebellion is known as the Fall. By choosing to rebel against God, the parents of the human race fell from God’s grace. It was at this time that sin entered the human race and corrupted it.
    The Bible teaches that all of creation was affected by the Fall. In man, the image of God was distorted. While God’s feelings and emotions reflect His perfection, our feelings and emotions reflect our imperfection. Indeed, sin has distorted our feelings to the point where they become a problem at times. So dealing with feeling can be difficult.

  20. donmess says:

    Its gud to know that we have somewea wea we can vybe lik dis.Moskode i realy fell u that issue of walkin infront of pasi.As in seriously people!!!we use our brains some time!
    Sandra,i think u kno the answer 2 the 1st question.n al this peeps have told u wat u actualy knew.
    me ninaquestion,why is tha we dont weka God as ur 1st priority.its funny how we can love humas[ur dude or chic]n wouldnt wanna hurt them,but when it comes to God we usualy dont see as a relationship lik that n kwanza its even mo intimate wit Him.i was told God has feelings to n that realy made me think!wat do u say about that?

  21. FELIX says:

    Hi guys thanks 4 taking upon u o make this happen.We really appreciate n let us be real.We are here to help each other.Any question asked will be answered as soon as possible.God bless you all.

  22. moskode says:

    Rev!! nice to read you, welcome to t he discussion. Sandra, i think now that you know that the jamaa is not yours and is already taken then it is a sign that you shouldnt be anywhere near there. why? i think you know why….

    karen, i think Babie a gal. karibu to the blog, im checkin in every day.

    Babie… well i think yours is a special case… if you have guys lookin at you, then ask yourself “why?”. before you point at them for having issues with you, maybe its your dressing, ama your hair, ama something was calling their attentino, why and what was it? do they still do this 4weeks later?

    Now for my question… why do pple pitia behind Pasi or Behind the Worship team wen the service has already started? dont they feel the aibu? ama kuko aje? I find it distracting, do you?

    Yours Truly,


  23. Hi people, its great to hear what some of you are asking or saying, i would wish that you would post your e-mail address for follow up purposes.
    But keep talking I’ll be listening to you and also if and when i have issues I’ll bring them up.
    Be exited about life and don’t stop smilling its one of your greatest assets.

  24. karen says:

    hi there. its my first time and im really excited. this is a great way of dealing with issues, but i don see pple posting theirs, save for babie. i congratulate him. keep checking for my BIG REVEAL!! i have major issues up for discussion!!

  25. sandra says:

    You must have a lot of guts to rebuke your own friend… i find it hard to do something like that. mainly coz ma pal lost her ex when i told him some stuff to be careful while dating ma pal.

    Which reminds me, i wanted to ask the guys, when there is a dome and there is trouble, the guy will always explain the dome like he is the victim?

  26. Babie says:

    Now Sandra Sandra!

    What do you mean? How would you feel if your guys was dogging you? This is purely dogging! Unless you have an agreement that it is fine for you to see (date) other people then go ahead. Otherwise please this is wrong really wrong.

    I will TRY and become friends with them so they stop sumbuaing me but if it gets hard I will rebuke a brother. (What do you think?).

    Am not encouraging brothers to be funny but ALL am saying is they need to take the first step and approach a sister and maybe findout the name and what they do…

    Moskode what do you think you seem to have some incite? 🙂

  27. sandra says:

    i dont know if that is a sharp idea babie,u know the way some dudes can be? they have funny motives that can sumbua someone vibaya. what if u just became friends with them?

    i have a question, if a guy is dating (not married) is it wrong to go out with him?

  28. Babie says:

    AM not sure what ALL of you are talking about but I guess I will wait and see. I have some issues that need to be sorted tho.

    Last Sunday I noticed guys staring at me during service. Wsup! Kwani if they are intrested si they come up to me and just say it. It only takes confidence. Ama aje chics?


  29. moskode says:

    so you really want to open up eh? Richard, do you think it is safe for you to say that the FR Leaders should set the pace?

    i thought they should be the ones to read our comments and blogged issues so that they can guide us and give us advice!

  30. Babie says:

    Hi there,
    This is a great idea and I hear ALL of oyu but what I think is that this should NOT only be for the leaders but this should be taken up by ALL of us for the leaders too have problems and they also need a forum like this to speak out. But otherwise, I love the idea and KUDOS to the guys who are writing. Also try and chat with guys at Jemedari.com this is also a site by our very own FRz. Enf Barikiweni!!!

  31. powjii says:

    this is it guys…Passy finally has seen it and kusema ukweli its magnifiq may God bless ya all…suggestion would it be possible to keep uploading the clips you guys get ama? plus give brief intro of ministries au vipi??? Nuff blessins

  32. millie says:

    i think that is a great idea especially because people are able to express themselves if they do not have to face someone face to face. i think this will be a great forum.
    Kudos mahebo.

  33. Richard says:

    why dont you come up with ideas..or personal situations that the other jamaaz can follow after…for example the leaders of FrontRunnerz should be the ones to set the pace….and guideline…ama?

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