New To The BLOG?

Karibu Sana

Hi this is Jonathan and he has alot of faith that frontrunners will keep the word alive. Welcome to to this weblog and feel free to comment as much as you wish on any issues. Discussing the Sunday sermon though is key sana. We must keep it alive all week. ALL WEEK LONG. Sindio?

Maze and I need volunteers to keep is blog alive can someone write to me please or my mate msee wa kutuhelp I know there are geeks among you people. people with a calling ya kufix site to be pretty.

Anyway please Comment on any post you wish, if you go main service, there is a link to blog ya main service somewhere just look for it. I pray this log comes of assistance to the forgetful ones like me. We just keep the message of Christ ALIVE.

Jonathan Kathukya/ Robert Mahebo TRAC TEAM

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